Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Pussy - Humans are incompetant edition

Asian cat always knows to wash his paws after touching humans

Having dealt with nasty things for the last 20 plus years I must put my two cents in on the Ebola situation. I've worked with everything from Asbestos to DDT and even Hanta virus so I know a thing or two about personnel protective equipment. What I've witnessed over the last few weeks has been utter incompetence. There's hastily set up medical "clinics" in western Africa. Good intention but far from what they need. At the beginning they didn't even have something as simple as a bottle of bleach for disinfecting. And it's a safe bet they were lacking in suits and masks even to protect the doctors.

But now the focus is on the West and it's supposed greatest health care in the world. If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. Everybody assumes that every hospital has a special ward to isolated someone with a deadly communicable disease. They do not. There are at present only a handful of hospitals that have such facilities and the total number of beds? Would you believe 9? Four of which are now being occupied. But from what I've seen there's a truly inconsistent level of personnel protection for hospital workers (a bit about that later). We've seen everything from paper dust masks and cheap nitrol gloves with no other coverings to the full level A moon suit with full face respirator. They should have gotten a clue when they saw the haz mat workers who cleaned the apartment in full attire with all potential exposure areas duct taped. But even then it's hard to doff a suit with everything taped. Worker has to be sprayed with disinfectant first.  Even the CDC protocols that the Texas hospital said they followed were inadequate in my opinion. It only takes a skin break or inhaling mist from a sneeze to be affected even though they say otherwise. One touch to the face with a contaminated glove was all it took in the first case.

How did we get to this point? It was all in the name of profit. Federal funds to hospitals were cut (by around $250 million). Hospitals looked for ways to cut spending and those units being rarely used became low hanging fruit. And why spend the time training personnel on something they may never use? It's become the perfect storm. I can attest to that last part personally. After 911 I was expecting a training program to be set up for us haz mat workers. Remember the Anthrax situation? We assumed there would be other possible attacks either chemical or biological. The training program came 4 years later and consisted of a booklet of just 19 pages. Yes we are a bit familiar with dealing with hazardous chemicals but Ebola and many of the other nasties takes a bit more training. Oh and the government would like nothing better than to have the military handle all of this because they can't complain and they can't sue.

How profits supersedes science
After 911 the 3 M people decided that they wanted to make a bit more for the bottom line. They convinced congress that it would be a great idea to turn their dust masks into respirators. This even though science says that they are only good for nuisance dust like when you sweep your garage floor. But with the stroke of a pen people are now being exposed to things they shouldn't. And if your thinking of investing because they also make tyvec moon suits, forget it the big boys beat you to it.

There's still two problems in all this great effort to contain this outbreak. Aside from the fact that there's few facilities capable of dealing with the virus, there's an issue of the waste stream. Every time a doctor or nurse goes into the isolation area they must dawn new garb and that must be disposed of in the proper manner. It was reported that the contaminated clothing was piled high to the ceiling at the Texas hospital and other hospitals have much the same problem. There's few facilities willing to take highly contagious waste that must be incinerated. So just like 911 we are not prepared in the event of a national emergency. There's even no chain of command just as there was none for the Twin Towers. They all rely on recommendations.

Bank fails later (Note there have been none since July as of last week)
One bank fail in Maryland this week.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday pussy - Only worried about tuna supply not viruses

MERS, MERSA, SARS,SWINE FLU, ENTRO, NORO and lest we forget DENGUE, WEST NILE, and lastly MARBURG. Oh there's plenty of others but I'll spare you the gory details because it isn't Halloween just yet. Forget zombies this is the real deal. There's enough viruses and bacteria out there to wipe us all out. Keep using the super ultra anti bacterial washing products and you're playing right into their little trap. They can adapt and mutate quickly but we sure can't.

Be afraid? Heavens no. You'll more than likely get hit by a cross town bus or fall from a ladder changing a light bulb than picking up one of these little beauties. But the panic will be fun to watch once the flu season hits full force. Moms stocking up on paper masks and surgical gloves. Invest in hand sanitizer now if you already haven't you could make a "killing" pun intended. Your odds are better of being shot by a stray bullet from a Missouri police man. Just were did they get their fire arms training?

Then there's the other boogiemen to watch out for. You know them the guys who long for the good old days of the 12th century. Sheesh even the tea baggers only want to go back the the 50s. Tea baggers sure do hate the government until it's their hide they want saved. Note that all who hate the government are "in" the government. So there should be a requirement or two for running for office. Drug and alcohol testing would be a good start along with a psych evaluation. Couldn't hurt. Forget about Achmmed  sneaking across the mexican border though, you'll see more injuries with the stroke of a pen in congress. Or should we be truly realistic and note that it's been what congress has not done the last six years all the while patting themselves on the back. If you were paying attention and actually read the few bill they did pass it was shoveling yet more money to their corporate masters. Didn't see anything passed that didn't have a tax break for the big corporations hidden in it.

So what about our preparedness for a medical emergency? That's not looking too good. A few points. The federal government here used to allocate $500 million to hospitals for emergencies. That figure has been cut to around $250 million (low hanging fruit in budget terms). Why spend money on an isolation unit that rarely gets used was the thinking. That is until you actually need it. Add to that an influx of foreign medical workers (no offense to them but communications can be a problem). Lastly we have a system that's devolved into assembly line medicine. It's no longer about quality of care but how many bodies can be run through the door. And not to forget everybody gets an MRI because it raises the bottom line nicely. They said privatization was going to be a good thing. They should have called it profitization. 

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Pussy - Is tired


Friday already?

The world is wearing out. Face facts. The days of hot rod cars with chrome bumpers are over. Who can afford the gas? The planet is doing a quiet death knoll scream and we aren't listening. Any iron ore deposits left in the U.S.? Oh forgot we outsourced steel making decades ago and only thing left are specialty metals and recycled. Let us not forget the mountains of garbage flowing down the Swanee and out to the ocean garbage islands now purported to be the size of Texas.

Just don't make em like they used to. Isn't that a fact. Only thing that wore out as a kid were shoes and the knees of your pants. That is if you didn't outgrow the pants first. Things were once repairable. Now they're disposable. Sell em another when the original didn't even last a year. Sure that makes sense if you're the one selling. Not so kind to the planet though. And just who lands up paying the price in the long run with manufacturers seeking the lowest of the low wage? And you thought slavery was dead. Let's see you get buy on $3.60 a day.

Where is the end? When will the last mine be dug out and left as a big hole in the ground? Now they're talking about mining asteroids which may happen in the next century but only after they've sucked all the life blood out of this planet. They'd better figure out some energy alternatives because oil is a finite thing. Oh well I'll leave that for future generations. Not my problem at the moment. Too busy listening to my arteries hardening. The world is wearing out and so am I.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday pussy - Got rope?

Rope? You have rope? Seems we're all near the end of the rope. At least for some. Latest fad seems to be cranial detachment. How barbaric. Don't like the boss and you have no cache of 8000 rounds? Well then a little lighter fluid and some rags will do the trick. Hits em right in the wallet. Everything is defined by "terror" now even if it wasn't. This was not a TERRORIST act. Nothing to be AFRAID of. Nothing to FEAR.  The victim was BEHEADED even though the suspect was not part of a TERROR cell. You get the idea.

And the second fav topic the economy which, should you believe the pundits, is going in two directions at once. Only the supercomputers know for sure. Bent phones, aircraft that doesn't quite fly right and more car recalls than you can shake a stick at and is it any wonder consumers aren't buying it. Take a vacation? Ha! and be replaced on one's return? Not happening. Anyway you couldn't get me on one of those floating virus incubators. Take the all new Norocruise and witness the splendor of the bottom of the bathroom bowl and it's swirling blue waters. Fly away you say? Ah yes nothing like getting groped and not so much as a thank you then being crammed into an aluminum tube with the rest of the sheeple. Please leave you seat in an up right position thank you very much. My knees can only take so much. Maybe you'd like a neck massage with your head in my lap.

Okay okay nothing left but to hunker in the bunker now what's on cable? What's left that they haven't turned into a reality show? Competitive brick laying? Oh they can do better than that. Dancing with perverts? Hum costumes might be interesting. Oh let's face it they've put nearly every stumbling bumbling act of humanity under the sun on TV. It's little more than bubble gum for the mind and the flavor's gone.

Well so much for my cerebral expulsion.

Bank fails later...
Update: None this week carry on

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Pussy - Scotish/UK edition


Lads and Lassies the vote is over but maybe not just yet. There's reports of massive voter fraud in the counting process. No this wasn't about dead people voting or someone without proper ID, Westminster must have known they'd be booted out of power after sticking it to the masses for the last several years.We'll see if this is pursued further.

Here's just a taste of the punishment that the folks at the bottom of the economic ladder have had to endure. Miss an appointment at the social welfare office and see your benefits cut for 6 months. Have and extra bedroom in your flat? You get a $50 a week tax slapped on you even if you can't afford to move and single bedroom flats are hard to come by. Then there's the assessments. Able to just barely walk to the mail box? Then surely you can get a job at Tesco (Britain's version of Walmart). And then there's the zero hour contracts. What's that all about? Basically it's working for your disability payments. The government pays the company what should have been paid out in wages so they're getting free labor. And as we all know disability doesn't pay a full wage.

Then there's the national health care that's slowly being dismantled. Just like in the U.S. the first attack is to privatize it just as we did with HMOs. You end up with a for profit system that few can afford to use. Forgot to mention up top that the folks who do the assessing have also been outsourced so they too are working on a profit motive. More people off the rolls or "sanctioned" as they call it more profits to be had.

So that is part of what Scotland was fighting against. That and the fact that any time they come up with an idea that just might benefit Scots it gets shot down in parliament. Who wants to be ruled by a party of thieves (look up the original definition of Tory)?

And speaking of thieves the banks have not changed their ways (but that's a post for another day)
Bank fails later. UPDATE: No fails this week.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Caturday - also known as friday pussy in another life

Ebola carrying Russian terrorist get off my lawn or it'll be enough drones to take out the neighborhood for you. And take your hedge fund manager with you. No there isn't any gas or oil under the property worth drilling for and you can keep your GMOs to yourself thank you very much. Grown attached to my head and that's the way it will remain.

Who's selling all those arms to ISIS or ISIL or ISICLE or what every they're called now? Must have made their mommas proud...Not!  Easy to steal when your foe runs away. 1..2...3.. what are we fighting for? Don't ask me. I don't give a damn. Next stop is Afghanistan. And how many tours did you do before you lost your mind?

Far more important things to view and ponder. Was that a new royal baby or a celebrity boobie we just saw? Ah but violence rules the day. Can't get your way? A punch to the face is in order, but don't forget to duck. Repercussion is an easy instrument to play. Have we covered the bulk of the news in one short meandering here? Close. Save the mass shootings and revenge items for another day. Hey did you just leave your backpack lying around? It'll get blown up don't you know. Now let's get out of here before the suns rays scorch us to a cinder or that tornado bears down on the old homestead. Something is sure to get you that's a given.

No bank fails in quite a while. They must be setting up for the next crash.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday pussy - reflective edition

Put down your weapons. Turn swords into plowshares and let's get on with life. Too much greed and hate in the world. Was it something in the water? "Us" never really wins against "them". What fools these mortals be.

Momma sends her sons to war and they don't come back. Was the sacrifice really worth it? Raise a flag and stand tall with a nation we're told. Are we really any better than them? It's all just an illusion. What's worse a beheading or a bombed baby? Okay no fair that was a choice between cancer or leprosy. All comes down to numbers on a mortality chart with no faces there.

The disconnect has permeated most facets of our daily lives. How many points for killing the aliens again? What a sick reward when the word "winner!" flashes on the screen. Congratulations you've just made it past the million mark. No points for the medics who must clean up the battle field.

Okay okay this is getting a bit too morbid but what else is there when looking at the morning mirror on the world? My kingdom for some kindness or at the very least a bit of good news. My hands are up don't shoot. Just here to see if I could help out. But maybe that's just a fools errand.

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